FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a manual in German? 

A German manual can be obtained from the following link: XIDO Tablet PC Manual

I discovered scratches and bubbles on the display after unpacking the XIDO tablet. 

On all XIDO tablets, two foils adhere to the display, which can be removed.

My XIDO tablet does not start. 

If your XIDO Tablet does not start or react, please first connect the supplied charger to ensure power supply. If the XIDO Tablet can not be switched on, please use another Micro USB charger. It is important that you charge the XIDO Tablet for approx. 7-9 hours at the socket, even if no charge symbol appears on the display for the first few minutes.

My XIDO Tablet does not recognize my SIM card / does not connect to the mobile Internet. 

As a rule, it is sufficient if your activated SIM card is inserted correctly into the XIDO Tablet and the XIDO Tablet is then restarted once. The sim card is then automatically recognized. If the XIDO Tablet does not recognize the card, then this is probably due to a defect of the Sim card. A further option would be to activate the mobile data under the settings. Button assignment: Settings - Data consumption - Activate mobile data (set the hook). The 3G icon should appear in the upper right of the bar.

My XIDO Tablet does not connect to the Wlan network. 

In most cases, this is the wrong password. Please enter the correct password and take the case of the correct wifi network.

The XIDO Tablet is not recognized by my computer. 

You must enable USB debugging under the settings. Key assignment: Settings - via the tablet build number (5-6 times click until you see the developer) - Settings - Developer options - USB Debugging (checkmark). If this does not work, the operating system (not compatible with Windows 10) or the cable is problematic.

I can not install some apps on the XIDO tablet. 

In most cases, this is due to the fact that the respective apps are not compatible with the XIDO Tablet.

The letters "Z" and "Y" are swapped / The "@ sign" does not work. 

You must change the keyboard language in your XIDO Tablet to German / QWERTZ and restart. Key Assignment: Settings-Language & Input-Keyboard Layout-English. The "@ sign" can be entered with the English keyboard as follows. Key assignment: Shift - 2.

The screen of my XIDO tablet is frozen. 

Restart the XIDO Tablet. Key assignment: Press and hold the power button (hold down for at least 5 seconds) - Power button (Please turn the XIDO tablet off only a few seconds after it has been completely down).

The battery of my XIDO tablet is no longer / slow, what can I do? 

For troubleshooting, please first charge your XIDO Tablet on a PC with USB connection. If this step is not successful, please use another Micro USB charger.

My XIDO Tablet crashes all the time. 

In this case please reset the XIDO Tablet to the factory state. Key assignment: Backup & Restore settings - Factory settings.

Where can I find the SIM card slot? 

On the back of your XIDO tablet, you'll find white or black, slightly arched, removable SIM card slots next to the connectors.

How do I turn off the key tones? 

Key assignment: Settings - Sounds - Profile - Silent.

How can I read or edit text files? 

To read or edit text files, you must download the relevant apps from Google Playstore. For example, you need a PDF reader for PDF files and an Office app for text files.

Can I connect a UMTS stick? 

In general all common UMTS sticks can be used. In a few cases, we can not rule out incompatibility. In order to use this function, a change of supplier would be necessary. For a connection to your UMTS stick to be established, the PIN query of your Internet SIM card must be deactivated. You can deactivate this by inserting the SIM card into your mobile phone and switching off the PIN query under the settings.

Do I get a guarantee on my XIDO Tablet? 

Yes, you get 2 years warranty on all new devices. This is handled directly by us as a manufacturer in Germany.

My XIDO Tablet has a display damage. 

The warranty does not cover any damage to the display and housing of the XIDO tablet.

My XIDO tablet seems to be broken, how should I proceed? 

Please contact us directly. We repair or replace the unit immediately.

How long does the right of revocation apply? 

You can return the items purchased from us within 14 days without giving reasons.

What do I have to consider when returning a product? 

Please complete our return form and send it back. In the next step, you will receive further instructions by e-mail. Please take care to return the original item, including all accessories.

How long does the refund of my payment? 

For the processing of refunds we need about 4-7 working days.

Are there device drivers, which are needed? 

No, no device drivers are necessary.

I forgot my password, what can I do? 

If you have forgotten your password, there is no way to re-install the operating system. To obtain information about the operating system, you can contact us directly by e-mail or contact form.

How do I perform a "Factory Reset"? 

Turn off the XIDO Tablet, then press the "Power On / Off" button and simultaneously press the "+" button for about 2 seconds (or press and hold the "Power Button") The "+ volume button"), then a window opens by clicking on the "Factory Reset" button with the "- Volume button". Then press the "Power Button" (or the "+ Volume Button") to confirm this item. Now click on the "Reboot System" field with the "- volume button", whereupon the XIDO Tablet restarts and the "Factory Reset" is completed.